I’m an old Mack from way back. One of the original playas from the Himalayas


Jerome from Martin

This is one of my favorite Sheneneh scenes because her ass is out of control! lol. This show will forever be #classic. 

Track Title: U Can't Touch This

Artist: MC Hammer

Stop! Hammer Time!

U Can’t Touch This | MC Hammer

This used to be my shit when I was little!

I love whoever put these classic scenes of Carlton Banks together. The Fresh Prince of Belaire is a classic TV  show but in my opinion, the best character is Carlton Banks portrayed by Alfonso Ribeiro—he provoked the most laughs from me. 

Track Title: Me & My B*tch

Artist: The Notorious B.I.G.

Album: Ready to Die - The Remaster

And if I deceive, she won’t take it lightly

She’ll invite me, politely, to fight G

And then we lie together, cry together, 

I swear to G*d I hope we f*ckin die together

Me & My B*tch | The Notorious B.I.G.

One of my favorite scenes from the episode titled “C.R.E.A.M.” on the third season of Martin. Martin is granted a check for $5000 and so he decides to discuss investment ideas with the crew to flip the loot and make a profit. As usual, Cole comes up with an idiotic idea which in turn sets Martin off, as it is his last straw. Lol

Hustle Man! My second favorite reoccurring character on Martin. This is the only time I’ve actually thought Tracy Morgan was funny.

Everybody knows this personalized theme song. “I SAY JEROME’S IN THE HOUSE! I SAY JEROME’S IN THE HOU-OO-OU…” He actually remixes and extends it a little more here though. Classic shit lol

Track Title: 100% Pure Love

Artist: Crystal Waters

Album: Ultimate Club Dance 90s

"Back to the middle and around again, I’m gonna be there till the end. 100% pure love…"

100% Pure Love | Crystal Waters

Got me dancing over here! lol

Track Title: What Is Love

Artist: Haddaway

What is love? Baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me no more”

What Is Love | Haddaway

I can’t hear this song without thinking about that movie Nights At The Roxbury with Will Ferrell and that one dude lol

I am sharing this clip from one of my favorite movies, Jason’s Lyric, because of the guitar solo. I love this song so much and I have no idea the name of it or who plays it. I’m hoping that somebody does though so they can tell me, I can purchase it, and then play it at my future wedding lol

"I Put My Hand Up On Your Hip When I Dip, You Dip, We Dip…"

"Baby, it’s time
For Me
To give you all the love you need
Baby, I know
That you deserve the best
And I can’t keep treating you like I did the rest
Baby, I’m ready
To give you all of my love…"
— He sings this to me from time to time…lol

Track Title: Cherish the Day

Artist: Sade

Album: The Best of Sade [Sony/Epic]

I cherish the day

I won’t go astray

I won’t be afraid

You won’t catch me running

You’re ruling the way that I move

You take my air

You show me how deep love can be….

Cherish The Day | Sade 

Track Title: At Your Best (Stepper's Remix)

Artist: Aaliyah


At Your Best (Steppers Remix) - Aaliyah

30 Day Music Challenge

Day 7: A song to drive to